Rob currently works in the global arena as an award winning Freelance Director and through his company, MOEBA as an independent content producer. 

As a graduate of  the Australian Film Television and Radio school in both Direction and Cinematography, Rob began to work in the professional arena from a very early age, working on music video’s for notable Australian bands including Midnight Oil and Rose Tattoo.

Rob then secured a position in Saudi Arabia employed by major US firm Betchel for the Saudi Information Ministry. Shooting and Directing promotional documentaries, Rob began to earn his stripes in the international arena.

Subsequently Rob continued work in documentary and factual TV linked closely with Australian based production companies including Beyond International. Notably on “Beyond 2000” for the Discovery Channel and “Beyond Tomorrow” for the FOX network.

Assignments covered the globe. Robs career as a cinematographer took him to destinations including the  Middle East, Asia, Africa, Russia and continental USA. During this time, Rob worked on award winning TV specials “Climate in Crisis” and  “Invention”.

Working with many independent production companies throughout Australia and Asia, Rob began to secure a reputation for as a world class Director/Cinematographer.

Rob began to focus  his attention on his love of design and visual effects. During this period he received many awards including the ACS Golden Tripod award for cinematography as well as numerous awards for his work as a commercial Director. 

Having a skill set that includes Cinematography, Direction and Visual Effects in post production ; proved to be a great asset when he began to Direct  high end Television Commercials. 

It wasn’t long before Rob’s reputation for unconventional beauty became noticed in the US.

Partnering with New York based Harpoon Pictures and L.A’s Blue Eyed Pictures, Rob began to direct assignments primarily for  Automotive industry. 

Rob’s award winning work for Toyota’s US brand SCION, was a dramatic entrée into this market. His association with Simon Needham and the ATTIK continues to this day on the eve of another major US launch.

Rob has also made a dramatic impact in the Chinese market. Rob has worked with all the major automotive bands and continues to grow with them.

His work has also received numerous awards for excellence, most notable being the Olympic Campaign for Lenovo in 2008. Having worked with most of the  major international brands such as Ford,Toyota, Sprite Pepsi and Coke, Rob continues to make his mark in a very dynamic market. 

With renewed enthusiasm Rob is actively developing content for all formats within the digital realm, embracing  the numerous opportunities that are currently evolving across all fields.